Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On 'tagging'.

Now I’m the first to admit that the current crop are doing amazing never before thought of shit with their skateboards and snowboards and surfboards and BMXs. And who’d of thought you could fit so much metal in a face? Or, so many tattoos on a single skin?

The thing with this ‘tagging’ shit though, is that it’s going backward. It’s de-volving. What it used to involve was an individual risking their life in an attempt to leave their 'mark' somewhere dangerous, or at least challenging and hence meaningful, if only to those similarly engaged. Consequently, an acceptably high number were killed hit by a train or having fallen from a great height. Today, and around the world! scribblings done under cover of dark at eye level in easily accessible public places are just pollution pure and simple and so far from being ‘art’. ‘Tags’ are an impotent attempt at a “fuck you” to a society the ‘tagger’ innately knows is destined never to enfranchise them.

The ‘tags’ themselves however, speak ever more eloquently of their authors and interestingly, they all say exactly the same thing. …. “I live with my Mummy and current step Daddy and they don’t know where I are.”

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